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Articles of Association of the United States National Branch
of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security

Article I - Organization

The United States National Branch (hereinafter "National Branch") of the in-ternational Society for Labor Law and Social Security is organized pursuant to the Articles of Organization of that Society and is a cooper¬ating branch of that Society.

Article II - Purposes

The purpose of this National Branch shall be to engage in and to encourage the study of labor law, labor relations and social legislation,, on a comparative basis at both the national and international levels; to exchange ideas and information, and to encourage and facilitate cooperation between practitioners, jurists and scholars interested in the study and practice of this field of law; and, to cooperate with and Facilitate ¬the work and activities of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security.

Article III - Membership

Any member of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security who is resident within the United States of America shall be a member of the Na-tional Branch upon payment of all dues and assessments prescribed by the National Branch.

Article IV - National Executive Board

Section 1. Duties. The property, affairs, activities and concerns of the National Branch shall be vested in and governed by a National Executive Board which shall have full authority to establish and collect dues, levy assessments, authorize the expenditure of funds, name committees, appoint representatives, plan programs and congresses, and otherwise determine and carry out activities it desires appro-priate to promote the purposes of the National Branch.

Section 2 Numbers. The National Executive Board shall consist of the following:

    a) The officers of the National Branch, who may or may not be elected mem-bers of the National Executive Board;

    b) Fifteen (15) members elected by the National Branch;

    c) Any member who is a Past Chair of the Branch;

    d) At its discretion, the National Executive Board may designate as additional Board members up to five (5) Branch members who, when designated, hold a prin-cipal elected or appointed national office in a government agency or nonadvocacy membership organization involved in the regulation of labor or employment law, in scholarly inquiry, or in professional development in the field of labor or employ-ment law.

Section 3. Meetings and quorum. The National Executive Board shall meet at such times and places as it shall determine, or upon the call of the Chairman. One quar-ter of the elected members of the National Exec¬utive Board, and one half of the of-ficers of the National Branch shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of busi-ness. The vote of a majority of the National Exec¬utive Board present at the time of a vote, if a quorum is present at such time, shall be the act of the National Execu-tive Board.

Section 4. Executive Committee. The National Executive Board may delegate such authority and responsi¬bility as it deems advisable to an Executive Committee com-posed of the officers of the National Branch.

Section 5, Action Without a Meeting. The National Executive Board and the Ex-ecutive Committee may transact business by mail or by electronic communication to the extent practical and convenient and may take any action without a meeting upon written or electronically printed consent, setting forth the action so taken, ap-proved by a majority of the members entitled to vote thereon.

Section 6. Election.

    (a) The fifteen elected members of the National Executive Board shall be Branch members elected by mail ballot by the National Branch prior to each Con-gress of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security, and shall serve until their successors are elected.

    (b) At least seven months prior to each World Congress of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security, the National Executive Committee shall designate a Nominating Committee consisting of the Secretary-Treasurer and not less than two other members of the National Branch. The Nominating Commit-tee, the Chair of which shall be appointed by the Chair of the National Branch, shall also notify the membership of the deadline for proposing to the Nominating Committee, nominees for the National Executive Board. Not earlier than four weeks after that notification, the Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for election to the National Executive Board and shall mail said list to each member of the National Branch no later than six months prior to the World Congress. Any member receiving at least three nominations from the general membership shall be included in the Committee’s list of nominees.

    (c) No later than four weeks after the list of nominees has been mailed, any three Branch members may nominate one or more additional nominees by mail to the Secretary-Treasurer.

    (d) No later than three months prior to the World Congress, the Secretary-Treasurer shall conduct a mail ballot among the members of the National Branch according to procedures and regulations designed to provide full and free participa-tion in the election, with said ballots to be returned within thirty (30) days of their mailing. Election of the fifteen (15) members shall be on the basis of the largest number of votes received.

    (e) The National Executive Board shall be authorized to fill vacancies occur-ring from time to time in its membership, for the balance of any unexpired term.

Article V - Officers

Section 1. Number. The officers of the National Branch shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer, the editor or co-editors of the National Branch publi-cation, and the representative of the International society for Labor Law and Social security if such representative is not one of the foregoing officers. The officers shall constitute the National Executive Committee. The duties and powers of the officers shall be such as are necessarily incident to their respective offices. The chair of the National Branch may appoint an alternate representative for any meet-ing of the Executive Committee of the International Society.

Section 2. Election. The officers shall be elected by the National Executive Board, but not necessarily from their own number.

Section 3. Term of Office. An election of officers shall be held immediately after the establishment of the National Executive Board pursuant to Article IV, Section 6, so as to ensure that said officers, who shall serve until the election of their successors, will be in office prior to the World Congress. Such election may be conducted by mail through the office of the incumbent Secretary-Treasurer.

Article VI - Meetings

Meetings of the National Branch shall be held in connection with the Con-gresses of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security, in connec-tion with meetings of the Section of Labor Relations Law of the American Bar As-sociation, or at such other times and places as the National Executive Board shall decide.

Article VII - Amendments

These articles may be amended upon a proposal made by the National Execu-tive Board or by any fifteen (15) members of the National Branch and approved by a two-thirds vote of the members of the National Branch voting by mail ballot. Notice of the wording and purpose of a proposed amendment shall be given at least thirty days prior to taking the vote.

Amended as of January 15, 2002