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The International Society for Labor and Social Security Law (ISLSSL) is composed of national affiliates (Branches) whose members are scholars, union and management lawyers, judges, government officials, arbitrators, industrial relations and human resources specialists, and others interested in promoting international exchange of ideas and information and in developing collaboration among experts in the fields of labor, employment and employee benefits law.

The ISLSSL conducts a World Congress every three years and Regional Congresses (open to registrants from all regions) during the interim years. These meetings allow members both to combine travel with expanded understanding of how labor and employment law operate elsewhere and explain our system to others. ISLSSL conferences also facilitate development of new personal contacts and promote important scholarship, education and training in the fields of comparative and international labor law, employment law, and related fields.

As a special activity, the U.S. Branch sponsors the Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, the preeminent scholarly journal in this field. Membership in the U.S. Branch includes membership in the international body as well as a subscription to the Journal. In addition, twice yearly the Branch distributes its Bulletin describing member activities, upcoming meetings and other news.

In recent years, ISLSSL World Congresses were convened in Jerusalem in 2000, in Montevideo in 2003, in Paris in 2006, and in Sydney in 2009. Recent Western Hemisphere Regional Congresses have been held in Columbia, Peru, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Recent Asian Regional Congresses were hosted in Manilla and Taipai, and recent European Regional Congresses were held in Stockholm, Bologna and Freiburg. In addition, the U.S. Branch sponsored a one day conference in Chicago in May of 2005, and is planning another for Philadelphia in 2012.